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Networking is all about building relationships not selling your product or service.

Jill Merriman

Hi, I'm Jill Merriman

Creator of the Networking Done Right system

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 This is my Story

 Growing up in a home with non-English speaking parents, I knew I wasn’t like everyone else.  Having an entrepreneur mentality was something I possessed since I was young. I knew that I was meant to do something extraordinary; to make a difference.  Whether that was on a grand scale or on a small scale it was still a difference.  Because my parents always worked hard, helping others along the way, I adopted the principle:  work hard, help others, make money….in that order.   And that’s what I set out to do when I started my own business.

I never recognized how many entrepreneurs need the basic training, Entrepreneurship 101.    No one teaches you the basic, but important first steps, when you’re launching your business….but I will. Networking effectively is vital to growing your business.  I’ll teach you what you need to know to master the art of communication and close more sales. I’ve combined these 2 powerful skills and incorporated them in my system to help the serious entrepreneur become successful in their business.  (In fact, after multiple requests, I have added a “shadow me” networking addendum to my packages).


I realized that the key to building a successful business is to be passionate about your purpose in life and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Whether it’s helping others with their bottom line, connecting them with someone in my circle of influence or encouraging them to take a leap of faith, I’m passionate about helping others succeed.  By sharing my knowledge, I’m confident that I will make a difference in your life and your business.


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