BOGO Box is Here

Announcing BOGO Box is Here!

BOGO Box Detail

Description of how you can use each essential oil in the BOGO Box

Cheer Oil for Adrenal Fatigue

This oil is amazing for anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue, those energy ups and downs throughout the day that is caused by stress

Deep Blue Rub for sore muscles

Deep blue rub is a cream that I use for sore muscles, especially my lower back after sitting at my computer for hours at a time and attending Zoom meetings.

Digestzen for Pets Digestive Issues

Digestzen is a great oil to use on your dog's abdomen for upset stomach, gas, gurgling.  I use it on my mini golden doodle whenever she needs it.  It's 100% pure so I know it's safe. 

3 Magic Oils for Stiffness in Your Hands or other Joints

This 3 oil protocol works magically on your stiff hands, knees or any other joint.

Oils to Flavor Your Water

We all know we should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day but do we?  I share several oils that I use to flavor my water which in turn helps me drink more water.

Swiss Army Knife Essential Oil Set

If you were stranded on a deserted island, these 3 oils would be the ones that will help you the most.

Five to Thrive

5 oils that every business owner or busy mom needs to have

How to Clean Your Diffuser

Cleaning Your Diffuser